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About American Piano Rebuilders

We're headquartered in Northern Virginia and can work with customers all across the country.

We believe the best way to find out about us is to read what our customers have to say, which is why we've included several customer testimonials on this page.

Please remember, we can take on even the most challenging piano rebuilding projects, so please feel free to contact us at 571-274-5188 or by emailing Craig Turner, our lead technician.

Is Rebuilding a Piano a Good Investment?

We are often asked the question whether it is worth the investment rebuilding a piano. There are two answers to the question. The first takes into consideration the emotional attachment the owner has for the instrument. If the piano has sentimental value to the owner, the answer almost always will be yes, it is worth the investment.

The second answer involves economics: Will I make back the amount of money I put into rebuilding the piano? In the majority of cases, the owner of a piano will make back not only the investment, but often times much more. Here’s an example:

Piano Mart recently listed 30 Steinway grand pianos for sale on its website. The average cost of these pianos for sale on that day was $33,375. If your piano needs rebuilding and is currently valued at less than $10,000, and you invest $15,000 to have the instrument rebuilt, then the total value-to-investment ratio is $25,000.

If the average cost of a Steinway grand on this website is more than $8,000 above your total investment, then you will have certainly made a great investment. Stocks, bonds, gold or real estate will never generate a 50 percent return in a matter of months. And remember that the average cost of pianos on that website was $33,375. This does not factor in that a completely rebuilt Steinway is worth much more than an aged instrument that has not been refurbished.

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