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After receiving a phone call from you, we would evaluate the piano and decide if rebuilding is the best approach to take. (There is a small evaluation fee that is deducted from the total if you choose to have your piano rebuilt by American Piano Rebuilders.)

We find that most customers have enough knowledge of their instrument to know whether the piano should be rebuilt or simply replaced. If the decision is to continue with the process, we would transport the piano via Keyboard Carriage to the rebuilding site. The following steps are then taken during the rebuilding process:

1. give a closer inspection to the instrument, including the state of the soundboard

2. remove screws and disassemble piano

3. remove dampers and store

4. remove the plate

5. strip, sand and refinish the cabinet and other parts

6. replace keytops

7. clean, sand and refinish the plate

8. cut out, duplicate and replace the pinblock

9. inspect the action

10. rebush action parts if needed

11. replace old hammers with new hammers

12. reinstall plate

13. restring the piano

14. chip the piano to bring the strings close to pitch

15. cut off old damper felts

16. clean and refinish (if necessary) tops of damper blocks

17. replace damper felts on the piano

18. regulate new dampers

19. regulate action

20. reassemble other parts of piano

21. fine tune piano to concert pitch A 440

22. transport piano back to original location

Not every step on the list will be required for each piano. For example, some customers request to leave the original ivory keytops on the keys. Therefore, we would skip step # 6 for that particular piano.

We would be more than happy to discuss your piano with you and any needs or concerns you may have. Feel free to call or email us with questions or to schedule a time to evaluate your piano.


American Piano Rebuilders


This1905 Steinway Grand piano was recently rebuilt by American Piano Rebulders.

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